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Reasons for Gap Teeth

When meeting someone for the first time, having a nice smile is a great way to give off a good first impression. While you can care for your teeth and see a dentist regularly, a gap in your teeth can be noticeable and impact your appearance. There are several reasons why someone may have a gap in their teeth and could benefit from visiting Roselle Dental Center for their cosmetic dentistry needs in Roselle, IL.

Natural Gap

The most common reason that someone will have gaps in their teeth is that it is natural and something that occurred when they are children. Not many people have perfectly straight teeth when they are kids. For many children, this can mean having gaps in their teeth. This can then become worse when their adult teeth grow in. Once the adult teeth are all in, braces or other cosmetic dentistry services in Roselle, IL, can help to close these gaps.

Missing Teeth

The teeth in your mouth are in a delicate balance together. While they are held in place by your gums and jaw, if you lose a tooth it could weaken your gums and allow your teeth to shift. If this is the case for you, it could cause your teeth to grow closer together or further apart. If they grow further apart, it will create a gap in your teeth.

Weak Gums or Jaw

The gums and jaw are an important part of your overall dental health. Your gums and jaw are responsible for helping to keep your teeth in a certain position. If you have gum disease or a weak jaw, it can cause your teeth to move around and eventually form a gap. If this is the case for you, we can offer the support you need to find ways to strengthen your gums to prevent further movement.

Poor Habits

You can also experience a gap in your teeth if you have certain bad habits. For those that have had braces, wearing a retainer is a good way to keep their teeth straight. If you do not wear yours, it could cause your teeth to shift back towards their original position. Other habits that can lead to a gap include odd chewing habits and thumb sucking.

If you do have a gap or are having any other issues with your teeth, visiting Roselle Dental Center is a great idea. The team here can provide those in Roselle, IL, with all of their cosmetic dentistry needs. This includes helping you to fix the gap in your teeth, ensuring that your teeth are clean and healthy, and providing any additional care that you need. Call (630) 893-4200 to schedule your appointment today.