The Importance of Mouth Guards

By Roselle Dental Center
January 22, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Like other protective athletic gear, mouthguards reduce your risk of an injury that could keep you out of the game. That's why Drs. Harvey Seybold, Peter Chang, and Irbad Chowdhury offer custom mouthguards designed to fit your mouth comfortably. All you have to do is visit Roselle Dental Center for a consultation. We are conveniently located in Roselle, IL. 

How mouthguards protect your smile

A collision with another player, a blow to the face, or a fall can cause serious tooth or gum injuries that may affect your oral health for years to come. Mouthguards fit over your upper teeth and cushion the impact of blows. They can help you avoid:

  • Broken teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Cuts or injuries to your mouth, tongue, lips, or cheeks

According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety, damage to teeth is 60 times more likely if athletes don't wear mouthguards.

Mouthguards may also decrease your risk of concussion by absorbing the impact of blows to your head.

Types of mouthguards available

Mouthguards are available in local sports stores and from our office here in Roselle. You'll find two kinds of mouthguards in stores: stock and boil and bite. Stock mouthguards are only available in a few sizes and may be bulky or too loose or tight. If the fit is poor, your mouthguard may not adequately protect your mouth and might interfere with breathing or speaking.

Boil and bite mouthguards are heated in boiling water, cooled in ice water for a few seconds, then placed in your mouth. Heating the mouthguard allows it to conform to your teeth, providing a better fit.

Custom-made mouthguards provided by your dentist offer the best fit. Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth to ensure that your guard fits over your teeth snugly. Because these mouthguards are designed to fit your mouth, and only your mouth, they're more comfortable than other types and won't shift or move as your run and jump.

Custom mouthguards can last several years, while stock and boil and bite guards usually need to be replaced every season. Mouthguards can help you avoid tooth loss and injuries whether you're a child or an adult.

Protect your smile with mouthguards! Call Drs. Harvey Seybold, Peter Chang, and Irbad Chowdhury of Roselle Dental Center, at (630) 893-4200 to schedule your appointment. We are located in Roselle, IL, for all your dental needs.