April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month


New Technology in Oral Cancer Screenings.

Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers today. The number of cases has been increasing yearly for the past five years. One person dies every hour from oral cancer in the United States. Since it is frequently not detected until the later stages, oral cancer has one of the lowest survival rates. Although tobacco and alcohol use are associated with oral cancer, 25% of all cases are in people who have no risk factors.  Those over the age of 40, especially men, are considered high risk for developing oral cancer.

At Roselle Dental, a visual oral cancer screening examination is a routine part of our patients’ bi-annual recare visit, but we also offer our patients the latest technology in screening for oral cancer, the ViziLite Plus system. 

ViziLite Plus is an oral cancer screening system that is easy and painless and just takes a few minutes to complete.  After rinsing your mouth with an oral pre-rinse solution, we use a specially designed light to examine your mouth for any abnormalities not previously visible with normal light.  Any areas that fluoresce with the light may be areas that need further evaluation.

Clinical studies have determined that using ViziLite Plus improves the dental professional’s ability to identify and evaluate suspicious areas at their earliest stages; and early detection of pre-cancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate potentially fatal effects of oral cancer.

Anyone over the age of 18 is recommended to have this exam performed annually. If you have any questions regarding the ViziLite Plus exam, feel free to contact our office, or ask at your next visit.